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National Finance Summit » » Benjamin J. Boyle – CEO, Caipiteal

Benjamin J. Boyle – CEO, Caipiteal

  • Benjamin J. Boyle is a serial entrepreneur and investor with qualifications in business management, financial trading and investments and capital markets, he is also currently enrolled as a Scholarship MBA candidate at Trinity College Dublin. Benjamin has won a number of awards in Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and Investing and was recently received a lifetime achievement award. Benjamin’s career to date has included consulting for entities as small as early stage startups all the way up to government bodies, this experience covers a wide scope of industries, from fashion to Artificial Intelligence. He currently holds the position of CEO at Caipiteal, a company that uses advanced technologies and methods to develop and implement highly innovative and complex investing strategies. Caipiteal has already garnered interest from some of the worlds most influential investors and business professionals, both in Ireland and Abroad.


    Title: AI and Business Investment Decisions

    Synopsis: This talk will discuss how AI can be used in a variety of different investing capacities from building an investment portfolio to selecting the correct business investments for a company to make. This talk will not just cover the financial merits of AI but also the benefits of using Machine Learning to analyse more qualitative aspects of an investment decision regardless of the particular business unit function, be that Human Resources or Mergers and Acquisitions.


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