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National Finance Summit » » David Boles – Chief Process Officer, LivingOffset

David Boles – Chief Process Officer, LivingOffset

    • David Boles – Chief Process Officer, LivingOffset's presentations

    Talk Synopsis:
    Over the last two years, the LivingOffset team have digitised a climate action Instrument to tackle growing emissions in the the multi point emission sectors, namely, ag, transport, Buildings, Peatland Restoration and Forestry.
    This is seen as a blue ocean opportunity as there is currently no solution to growing emissions in these sectors.
    LivingOffset utilises Blockchain to create an immutable registry of GHG reductions whereby individuals can offset their lifestyle emissions against carbon reductions from the sectors mentioned above at negligible cost.
    We have partnered with Life Cycle Analysts from UCD to calculate the carbon footprint of all your everyday consumables. The knowledge transfer is an essential component in the behavioural shift prescribed in order to decarbonise our economy.

    The benefits of implementing these projects result in Financial, social & Environmental impacts. Drivers include mandated carbon caps at European legislative level and global pacts(Paris Agreement), as well as the ever growing climate change movement.

    In July, we are running an ICO, which is very topical at the moment, as the cryptocurrency world is seen as a truly progressive step in the implementation of financial services and other use case secnarios.


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