Per Frennbro – CEO/Founder, FRENNS, United Kingdom

    • Per Frennbro – CEO/Founder, FRENNS, United Kingdom's presentations

    Per Frennbro has over 20 years of expertise in leading and growing international business operations by promoting operational excellence, revenue and profit growth.

    Previous achievements include leading the transformation of banks and financial services firms and boosting the profitability of corporates as well as SMEs through enhanced sales techniques.

    With a strong background in engineering and robust analytical experience, Per is passionate about technology and is a strong proponent of successfully combining the latest in technological advances with business strategies, whilst preserving operational excellence.

    Originating from Sweden, Per holds a Masters in Engineering from Lund University, Sweden, and also holds a Masters in Leadership and Strategy from the London Business School. Per speaks 6 languages and have acquired cultural business experiences from Asia, USA, Europe and Africa.

    Presentation Title: How SMEs can utilise technology to collaborate and overcome the challenges of financing growth.


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