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    Speaker Bio:

    Randall Glick is the Digital Marketing Curriculum Lead and Mentor Lead for the Industry Partner Major Projects with Digital Skills Academy. Randall has been working in online and digital in Ireland since 1999 and has worked with start-ups, SMEs, international and multinational organisations dealing with their digital strategy, online optimisation, eCommerce, web analytics and digital marketing strategies.


    5 Things to Know before starting any Digital Marketing



    Digital Marketing is more than simply advertising on Google and Facebook, but a lot of people think they need to advertise there at the minimum. When you ask them why, they invariably answer “because that’s where most people are”. While that may be true, it would be a lot better to have a foundational approach to researching this a little bit better to give a you a firm idea of how many people can be found in the various platforms and channels available to market on and then make your decision based on that research. There are 5 things to “know” in order to do this …

    Know your Business

    Know your competition

    Know your Audience

    Know your Goals

    Know what you are going to do


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