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    • Stephen Bradshaw – Business Development Director, KICK's presentations

    Stephen is an ambitious marketeer that believes relationships are fundamental in the pursuit of success in any form of business, but especially in marketing. In his 12 years working in advertising, he has partnered with many national and international clients, including Diageo, Guinness, Beamish, Murphys, Renault, Topaz, Cable & Wireless, The National Dairy Council, TG4 and many more. With over 12 years experience in advertising and a Cannes Lions to note, Stephen has built a career encouraging clients to breakdown boundaries so that effective creativity can flourish.

    Presentation Title: Does Digital Work?

    A privileged time
    Technology has enabled this generation to build a world where we are eradicating decease, making life changing and lifesaving surgeries, helping third world countries from the comfort of your own home and yes, even removing the ‘hassle’ of having to meet someone and go somewhere to get food. Just deliver it to me!
    As generations grow, technology evolves, and the generation of the 40-50 somethings these days only use technology to a certain degree. They try to hold onto the traditions that they grew up with, while embracing an amount of change that they are comfortable with, ensuring it doesn’t send them over the edge. In fact they still enjoy face to face conversations.☺
    We will ask and answer the following question:
    Can you achieve your brand’s commercial objectives through online channels only?


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